The Best Mobile Recharge Offer in tap


Operator Bundle Type Amount (Tk) Bundle Validity Bundle Details Cashback Offer
Robi Airtime 220 365 Days Airtime Refill Week: 20 Tk. Cashback
Robi Internet 63 3 Days 3 GB tap exclusive + 6 Tk. Cashback
Robi Internet 131 3 Days 10 GB (3 GB +7 GB Bonus) tap exclusive + 13 Tk. Cashback
Robi Bundle 899 30 Days 55GB(40GB+15GB Bonus)+1000 Min 120
Robi Bundle 799 30 Days 45GB(40GB+5GB Bonus)+800Mins 80
Robi Internet 549 30 Days 45GB(40GB+5GB Bonus) 40
Robi Bundle 196 7 Days 8GB(6GB+2GB Bonus)+100Mins 20
Robi Bundle 609 30 Days 1000Mins+1GB 70
Robi Bundle 324 30 Days 525Min+512Mb 20


Operator Bundle Type Amount (Tk) Bundle Validity Bundle Details Cashback Offer
Airtel Airtime 220 365 Days Airtime Refill Week: 20 Tk. Cashback
Airtel Bundle 499 30 Days 25GB(16GB+9GB)+500min(350min+150min) 50
Airtel Bundle 179 15 Days 190min+4GB 17
Airtel Minute 247 30 Days 410min 25
Airtel Bundle 324 30 Days 525Min+512Mb 37
Airtel Bundle 36 3 Days 2 GB (1GB+1GB Bonus)+15 Min tap exclusive + 4 Tk. Cashback
Airtel Bundle 609 30 Days 1000min+1GB 84
Airtel Internet 101 7 Days 10 GB (3 GB+7 GB Bonus) tap exclusive + 10 Tk. Cashback
Airtel Internet 89 3 Days 12GB(5GB+7GB) 10
Airtel Internet 164 7 Days 21GB(10GB+11GB) 15
Airtel Bundle 397 30 Days 12GB(10GB+2GB)+ 400Min(200min+200min) 40
Airtel Internet 549 30 Days 60GB(40GB+20GB Bonus) 70
Airtel Bundle 648 30 42GB(25GB+17GB)+800min(500min+300min) 40
Airtel Bundle 719 30 Days 50GB(30GB+20GB)+ 900min(600min+300min) 100

Terms and Conditions:

• In order to be eligible for this offer, you must have an active tap wallet.

• Cashback will be disbursed within 3 working days if the terms and conditions are fulfilled.

• Customer can get the cashback during the campaign period as many times as he/she recharges on the denominations mentioned in the offer.

• Customer will get specific cashback amount for different Mobile operators on specific regular bundles.

• Cashback offer is applicable for specific bundles on specific mobile recharge denomination (BDT) to own or any number through tap App/USSD. Mobile recharge from tap web will not be eligible for cashback.

• All operator will bear the sole liability of the packages that are given in the table under this offer. “tap” shall only take the responsibility of cashback as a payment service provider.

• "tap" reserves the right to change/modify/extend these terms & conditions or cancel this offer at any time without giving any prior notice. “tap” reserves the right to change/modify campaign terms & conditions, or cancel cash reward payout if the particular transaction and/or the customer transaction behavior raises reasonable suspicion that the customer has abused the benefits of the campaign.

• tap announces that:

I. tap or its authorized representative shall not, at any point, requests you to disclose your One-time Password (OTP) or Personal Identification Number (PIN) of Tap account,

II. It shall not ask you to make any payment to anyone whatsoever, and

III. It shall contact the customer using only 16733 For any confusion or conflict with regards to this offer, you must dismiss any other call and immediately call back to 16733 to ascertain the authenticity of the call or for required information.

IV. Tap shall not be held responsible for any loss or damages whatsoever for any of the reasons listed above or any other actions from a third party. In the event of any dispute, you will first contact Tap through Tap hotline numbers: 16733

V. In the event of a conflict between the English version and the Bangla version of the terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.