Major General Md Moshfequr Rahman

SGP, SUP, ndc, psc Adjutant General, Bangladesh Army


Born in Dhaka Major General Md Moshfequr Rahman was commissioned in Infantry in 1986. In his initial years of service, he took part in a successful Counter Insurgency Operations (CIO) in South Eastern (SE) Hill Tracts Region of Bangladesh.

Major General Moshfeq commanded an Infantry battalion, an Infantry brigade and an Infantry division. He was the Commandant of Bangladesh Infantry Regimental Centre. Following the division command Major General Moshfeq took over as Director General of Defence Purchase (DGDP). In recent years, Major General Moshfeq served as Area Commander Logistics Area. He was the Vice Chancellor, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) before taking over his present assignment of Adjutant General at Army Headquarters.

Major General Moshfeq held instructional assignments like Directing Staff at School of Infantry & Tactics and at Defence Services Command and Staff College. He also served at National Defence College on the Faculty.

His staff tour of duties include Grade-3 Staff in a CIO brigade, Grade- 2 Staff in Army Headquarters and as Lieutenant Colonel he was assigned to Headquarters United States Central Command (USCENTCOM), USA as an international staff. Besides, as Colonel, he served as Colonel Staff in one of the infantry divisions. His staff assignments also include the appointment of Chief Evaluator in Army Training & Doctrine Command.

Under United Nations banner, he participated in Iraq-Kuwait mission as a member of the 1st Bangladesh Contingent.

Major General Moshfeq obtained Masters from National University of Bangladesh, Madras University of India and Bangladesh University of Professionals in Defence, Strategic and Security Studies respectively. He is awarded the Army Medal of Glory (SGP-সেনা গৌরব পদক)) for his special contribution to military training. For topping in 3 army level courses Major General Moshfeq is awarded the Army Excellence Medal (SUP-সেনা উৎকর্ষ পদক)

He is married to Munshi Raihana Snigdha and the couple has a son.